It’s almost the middle of December and I have barely  let’s be honest, I havent even started thinking about gifts. Thankfully, we usually just buy for the niece and nephews. But let me tell ya – those kiddos are sometimes hard to shop for.

Our first grand idea was a trampoline for the kids! Great idea, right?

And with some Thanksgiving weekend sales it wouldn’t have cost us an arm and a leg. I texted the SIL and she said it was fine. I was bound (ha!) and determined to hit the midnight sale and pick it up. And then….Seth balked and my SIL texted later that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea after all. Boo.

The boys got a PS3 so of course they need games, controllers and all those other accessories – but I don’t want to be the aunt that buys video game stuff. Call me old fashioned or scrooge. Not to mention, the Move system is a bit pricey – sheesh!

When I skyped with my niece she said she wanted legos. Ok. Done. Easy.

But what about the boys? The family is going to Disney in February so maybe Disney gift cards?

And then – I had a grand thought! The kids LOVE using my camera to take pictures when they are here. They are getting older and more responsible. And I kinda wanted to get them something they could use for their trip to Disney. Why not a kid-friendly digital camera?!

It would obviously be a gift that they would have to share – but it would be their’s to take funny pictures with. And at $40 it’s not a bad deal even if it meets its demise sooner than later.

I could still do some additional gifts specific to each kiddo. Like some of these fabulous ideas:

Oh, yeah! Those lumps of coal are really black rice krispie treats. Adorbs! Must make! (Courtesy of pinterest.)

And I just can’t resist this gem:

Again, courtesy of pinterest.

And some handmade luggage tags for their trip:

You guessed it – pinterest.

And maybe a few little add-ons for fun

Now I’m getting excited! Can’t wait to do some holiday shopping!


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