Our First Christmas Tree

You read that correctly – we put up our first ever Christmas tree this week! Eight years and our first tree!

Our First Christmas Tree

Sorry for the grainy cell phone picture.

So here’s the side story:

We’ve never done a tree before because the holiday season isn’t always festive for our household. Seth is a retail manager for a LARGE company – one that gets extremely busy during most major holidays including super bowl weekend, father’s day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, back-to-school time, etc. Naturally this means that Seth works A LOT during these times – meaning we have never been back home for Thanksgiving or Christmas so we don’t get to celebrate with family.

The first Christmas after we got married we had ridiculous snow storms and a very sick puppy – literally. Our then 1 year old boxer was rushed to the vet and emergency room in the midst of a blizzard for us to find out that she had meningitis. Lots of tears and a humongous vet bill later we all snuggled in at home to tend to our recovering Kahler.

This was taken exactly one week before Kahler got sick.

And this is our baby recovering on the floor with dad (under the Twins blanket) next to the fireplace watching TV. You can see the little shaved spots on her arms where the IV’s were and she had two little shaved patches on her back from two separate spinal taps. My poor baby! Not a festive Christmas.

The trend of not-so-good Christmas’ continued with the following two years of holidays.

And then, it was just never a “happy” time of year for us. I missed my family. There never seemed like a real good reason to get a tree or to decorate the house. Seth was never home to enjoy and I felt like it was a waste of time and money for me to do it just for me. And it was never really that important for me. There was no one to share holiday traditions with, etc.

But this year is different. Not for any particular reason except that we CHOSE to make it different. We set aside a Wednesday evening to get our tree. I tried to make it as fun and festive of a process as possible. Sadly, our music selection was seriously lacking from that of my mom’s during the holidays. One of my fondest memories is of my mom – who was always in the kitchen – and always with great holiday music playing! I’ve continued that “tradition” and throughout the year I like to have music while I’m baking or cooking in the kitchen.

We initiated some of our own traditions (can you call them traditions in their inaugural year?) with a real tree, Chinese take out, and some local microbrew beer. Oh, and we threw in a little Justin Bieber Christmas music for as long as Seth could stand it! Which wasn’t long – thankfully.

There you have it – the beginning of our little families holiday traditions!


2 thoughts on “Our First Christmas Tree

  1. Traditions gotta start some time! My husband and I listen to Queen’s A Kind of Magic (also the soundtrack to the movie Highlander) because that’s what he used to listen to as a kid when his family would decorate the tree. When I’m “home” with my parents we always sing the Twelve Days of Christmas because we have a set of ornaments with the twelve days on them. We put them on in order because we’re nerdy like that.

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