DIY Thankful Challenge

Kim over at Newlywoodwards is hosting her annual Dare to DIY series. This week’s challenge….Dare to DIY Thankful.

Newlywoodwards, tree branch decoration, tree branch art

You may remember my crazy branch idea. Well, I decided that I wanted to incorporate that idea into this challenge. I already had my branch picked out – courtesy of a neighbor who had put this lovely piece out for the trashman. I attached some picture hooks to the branch and hung it on our wall in the living room. Then I took some frames that I had laying around in my craft room, added some lovely orange scrapbooking paper to them with the words “give” and “thanks” written on it. I used some left over twine to string them up onto the branch. It looked a bit bare, so I added some fall leaves to the branch to add dimension and color.

Newlywoodwards, tree branch decoration, tree branch art

"Give Thanks"

Newlywoodwards, tree branch decoration, tree branch art

Seth came home and was a bit surprised to see a branch from our firewood pile hanging on the wall. But I think the decor is growing on him. I mentioned that it’s a seasonal arrangement so if he doesn’t like it after a month it can come down. But honestly, I may just switch out the frame photos and do a different arrangement as we move through the calendar.

Newlywoodwards, tree branch decoration, tree branch art

The dogs and I took a leisurely walk through the park to go pinecone hunting. I used some of these pinecones as a part of our dining table centerpiece. With the leftover craft paper from the project I made little pinecone thankful note holders. On one I wrote, “I am thankful for….my family, especially Seth.” The other morning when Seth was leaving for work (and I was still in bed) I heard him say, “I’m thankful for you, too, honey.” At first I had no idea what he was talking about. While I appreciate the random comment, it doesn’t happen in our house often. Then I realized that he must have been checking out the table. it definitely brightened my day!

Newlywoodwards, tree branch decoration, tree branch art

And because they are just so darn adorable – a picture of the girls from this weekend.

Because sometimes you just can’t get close enough to the ones you love!


2 thoughts on “DIY Thankful Challenge

  1. Awww…. love the pictures of the pups! Too cute! Love your projects, too. Esp. the branch. Ryan does the same thing when I do crazy things with decor. Aren’t you glad we have guys who just let us do our things sometimes? Even when it means putting branches on the wall? 😉

    Thanks for linking up to Dare to DIY!

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