I love snail mail. I sometimes think I may be the only person in my age bracket that still sends snail mail. From personalized thank you cards for work functions, to the random for-no-reason card to a friend I just think it means more than an email or sharing an update on facebook.

When Kim at Newlywoodwards shared about I was intrigued immediately. And today – I signed up for the free trial entitling me to 3 free postcards.

Here’s how it works:

1) Sign up: you get a free trial of 3 postcards. After that you can choose from three different packages. I chose the smallest package of 5 postcards per month for $4.99. Not a bad deal. A dollar a postcard – and the great part is I don’t have to have stamps! I mean – how many times have you wanted to send something but you don’t have stamps so your letter just sits on the table for days and days…until, sadly, its too late to mail your card because it’s three years out of date? No? This hasn’t happened to you? just me, huh. Well….

2) Create your address book and attach “fake” email addresses for each mailing address. This allows you to send postcards 100% electronically.

3) Now send an email to your fake email address – for example, – and type your message to grandma in the email and attach a photo. The postcardly elves then make your picture into a postcard, write your message on the card and magically snail mail it straight to grandma!

How awesome is that?! Pretty awesome – especially for Grandma who gets a photo of our family, a sweet message and still doesn’t have to sign up for facebook – thankfully so since she doesn’t have a computer let alone know what facebook is!

And the sheer genius is – I can do it all from my smart phone. Take cute photo – email to postcardly with a sweet message and my family and friends still get the joy of snail mail!


Here’s the card that grandma is getting soon:

Oh, and I forgot to mention – they send you a preview, too! So you know what your postcard will look like. Sadly – I should have spell-checked my message. Oops.


This post was not sponsored or endorsed by postcardly – I just wanted to share the awesomeness that I found. I am not being compensating in any way for this post.


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