Tractor Seats and Goodwill Finds

My in-laws came for a little visit last weekend. Among the fun activities of visiting Red Rocks Amphitheatre, eating at fabulous restaurants, making wonderful home cooked goodies, exploring the mountains with fabulous fall colors, and watching some Husker football – we also were blessed to have my mother-in-law bring some special treats from home! And no, I’m not talking about the Colby Ridge Husker popcorn, the home cooked runza’s, and a special gift from my sister-in-law. She brought all of Seth’s old junk from the house – including old love letters from high school, senior pictures, all his old yearbooks, old baseball t-shirts, and posters. Among the items were years worth of love letters between Seth and I, silly old photos and these:

Yes! Those are tractor-seat stools! Aren’t they just fabulous?

Now image them painted a bright Husker red. Oh, yeah!

I can’t wait to break these guys out for next summer!



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