Rug for the kitchen

Our kitchen is a funny layout and an odd shape. We have a lot of unused space. Thankfully we inherited a great rolling butcher block from my in-laws that gives us extra counter space and storage, and generally just takes up space in the otherwise void that is our kitchen.

See that little open faced butcher block on the left side? That is a great storage piece on wheels!

But we have this massive expanse of floor in the middle of the kitchen. Something just seems not-quite-right, if you know what I mean. So the other day I thought to myself, “Hmm. What if I put a large rug in the middle of the kitchen? Would that be weird?”

And so I did a little googling and found that it is not so weird.

Kim at the Newlywoodwards has a gorgeous bright rug in her kitchen

Cassie at Hi Sugarplum! has this gorgeous rug in her kitchen.

Even John and Sherry at Young House Love had a rug in their first kitchen.

And Courtney – who is an interior decorator – has a rug in her kitchen.

But is it functional? Maybe if it was an indoor/outdoor rug that could be hosed off if necessary or easily vacuumed up.

Do you have a rug in your kitchen or dining room? Should I get a rug for our kitchen or would that just be disastrous with our dogs?


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