Book Club: Bossy Pants

We met for our girls book club after taking the summer off. We had two girls get married and it was just a bit too busy to meet for books.

We met at a great little place called the Denver Brewing Co. Seriously, if you like beer and are in the Denver area you have to check this place out. It’s giant warehouse dock turned into this hip brewery. They have a great indoor/outdoor space just west of the Highlands area. They only have their brews on tap and they don’t have food, except for giant pretzels. But – they do have traveling food trucks that park outside on a rotation so you can get burritos one night, or pizza the next.

So this month for book club we had a hard time coming up with something that we wanted to read that wasn’t depressing or something that our friend Rachelle had already read. (She’s a read-a-holic!) We decided on Bossy Pants by Tina Fey. I’ve heard good things so I’m hoping its a good read.

What have you read recently? Any good suggestions?


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