Bathroom Update

Oh, the journey that is remodeling. It always takes more time, there is always that detail that we failed to plan for, and it always takes 100 more trips to the store for supplies than you ever dreamed possible. And yet, I can’t imagine not doing the work ourselves. One – because we probably could never afford to have a professional do any of the work, and two – if I can do, I enjoy the challenge!


Let’s recap. This is MY project. 100% done by me. No help from the Mister. It was my design, my vision, my sweat and frustration. And at the end of the day year, my pride.

Here’s the beautiful bathroom before:

I’m not gonna lie – pretty soon I’m gonna miss not having an indoor spray painting station. But I guess being able to use the facilities without running up the stairs will be nice, too.

So here’s what my pretty little bathroom looks like now:


3 thoughts on “Bathroom Update

  1. awesome job with the vanity! my hubs and I are going to tackle our bathroom(s) in early 2012 once the holidays have past!

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