Serious Inspiration

You may remember me talking about my beloved sister in law. She’s pretty awesome. Well, they all are – but this SIL and I share a kindred spirit of DIY, refinishing furniture and some thrifting for the home. (We also share books, recipes and silly stories on a frequent basis!)

Sadly, the SIL lives 600 miles away. Boo. The house down the street from ours is for sale for a killer deal, so I’m trying to convince her to uproot the kiddos and come be my neighbor. I tried to lure her with the idea of us sharing tools for our projects, etc. I think it might be working!

Anywho… she’s been a busy bee this fall doing some amazing projects! Look what she did recently:

She took this old dresser that she’s had for quite a while and turned it into this:

Awesome – huh? She loves red and has been working on redoing her master bedroom, including making a headboard! And now she has this beautiful piece! I love the bold color with the dark hardware.


Oh, yeah, and she did these too:

These are her old nightstands before (with the door removed)

And these are the nightstands now – again – love how the hardware really stands out!

check out the detail painting she did on the top! It matches another dresser that she already did just like this. She’s so fantastically crafty! 

I don’t know how she managed to do all this and still get the kids to school, sports practice, go to work, and everything else. She’s amazing!



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