• I’m tired, but not for the reasons I’d like to be tired. 
  • It’s cold here in Colorado – I’m excited for fall but not ready to say goodbye to summer. 
  • I have a feeling the next two months are going to fly by.
  • Sometimes when i have free time I panic and don’t know what I should do – should I relax, blog, craft, diy, sew, read, hang out with friends, etc. This is probably because…
  • I work two jobs – one full time and the other part time, I play softball on Mondays and I’m taking some graduate courses. Can you say busy? 
  • My biggest pet peeve are people who can’t seem to put their grocery carts in the corral or back in the store. My second biggest pet peeve is dumb and/or selfish people. I deal with them on a daily basis unfortunately.
  • I have an amazing family – I just wish I could see them more often. 
  • Last night I had wine and scrambled eggs for dinner – now that’s glamorous. 
  • And maybe I’ll start blogging more….

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