And then there was tile

I think I work harder on my days off than I do at work. After a day off of work like yesterday, I’m more than happy to come back to work and sit in a chair all day! My back is hurting – but so are other muscles I didn’t even know I had.

This is what I did yesterday –

It may not look like much – but it took me almost all day to lay all the tile. Let’s just say I have a whole new appreciation for Seth and all the hard work he does for me! (and yes, I told him how awesome he is)
I started at 9am by laying out all the big tiles. I decided to use a staggered row design. I really wanted to do this in our master bath but Seth said no. Since I was in charge of this project, I got to do whatever I wanted. And I wanted staggered rows. Honestly, I think it was easier than straight rows, and definitely gives the floor more interest. I even made sure to check the tiles to ensure they were all level every few rows. Seth will be so proud!
After laying all the big tiles, I took a 30 minute break for snacks – my new favorite green smoothie – courtesy of Laurel at Ducks in a Row. 
Then I took on the challenge of cutting all the side pieces. I had never used the tile saw before, but found it fairly simple, and similar to using my table saw. The only difference is that with tile you must be EXACT with your measurements as it is nearly impossible to shave off a smidge if necessary, like you can with wood. In fact, I had a few cuts where I only needed to cut off 1/4 of an inch – these were the hardest to cut! The saw left my tiles with some jagged spots – thankfully these will be up next to the carpet so it will be hard to see. 

After a few hours of cutting – I ran out of tile! Go figure – I thought I had bought 10% extra like the experts suggest. Thankfully the store had more (as this was a closeout sale – $0.68 per sq ft. Yeah, baby!) and I welcomed the mid-afternoon break from the tedious work.

So even though I sent my SIL a text message saying “Girls can do anything boys can do – but better!” with a picture of my almost finished tile job, I do have a new found appreciation for the many, many tile jobs that Seth has taken on in the last few years. While I’m proud to say that I did this job all by myself, and I now know that I too can conquer a tile floor – I definitely don’t want to do it again any time soon. In fact, I’m not even really looking forward to grouting. ugh. More time spend on my knees bent over the tile – yuck! But it will look soooo good when it’s done. And I love a done project!

Over the weekend I also finished the patching, priming and painting. And I even installed two sconce lights and an overhead light. All by myself. Without electrocuting myself or setting the house on fire.

Can you hear my head getting bigger with my little project? I can! I’m pretty proud of myself – just call me Martha Villa! I can cook/clean/craft/bake a la Martha Stewart and I can dominate a remodel job just as good (well maybe not) as Bob Villa.


3 thoughts on “And then there was tile

  1. Hey Martha Villa! That's awesome. You're such a rock star. I actually heard that Bob Villa doesn't do any of the work, he's just the "face" of the show. I would like to be Chip Wade or John Gidding.

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