When you gotta "go"

You might think that somebody (that would be me) has been on vacation or something. Nope. Just MIA from the blog. Enjoying summer. Being lazy.

But guess what?! I finally showered in my own master bath shower yesterday! Yup, it means the bathroom project started over Labor Day last year is almost done! There are a few pesky little details that still need to be accomplished (caulking, trim on the ceiling of the shower, one little piece of bead board and trim, and hanging the final hooks on the walls) and then we can call it complete.

I failed to take any pictures of the finished project yet – so I’ll update those soon – hopefully.

Is any project really ever “complete” though? Maybe if you hire a contractor to do the work, but not in my world!

And while I’m super psyched to have the bathroom done, I’ve already super-secretly started on the next project – the other bathroom!

I should have entitled this post “how to really tick off your significant other.” My super secret project started last night when I decided that when we are hanging out downstairs – which is the coolest location in the house these days – that I don’t like having to walk all the way up stairs and through the house to use the facilities or wash my hands, etc.

The room is practically stripped – there are no floors and the walls were primed before we moved in. All that remains are the yellow toilet and the vanity. Simple enough for me to remove and start my own little project.

I say “my” project because I really want to do this one by myself. Partly to see how long it takes me, but also because I want to see if I can do it. The only new skill will be cutting and laying the tile. I already grout, seal, paint and install electrical lighting. What can be so hard, right? (let’s hope these aren’t famous last words!)

Let’s take a look at the before’s, shall we.

 These pics make it look really yellow in here, but really it’s just the toilet and the counter top. 
 Check out these rocking lights – not.
 A very vintage looking vanity, with a yellow sink.

Remember, this is my indoor spray painting station. 
 Ugh, the tiny shower. 

The bathroom has kind of a weird lay out with a wall separating the vanity from the toilet.

Here are some of my inspiration photos:
Designer Bathrooms and Pictures - Bathroom Decorating Ideas - House Beautifulbathroom 36 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!The Polished Pebble

Loving this light and bright and organic feel – especially the open format vanity with vessel sink.

Contemporary Bathrooms from Christopher J. Grubb : Designers' Portfolio 3202 :
Specifically this square vessel sink with brushed nickel faucet.

Inspiration for decoration
I’m totally loving these colors – the beige tile with gray walls!
Think Runway
I’m thinking this rustic leaning shelf would go great in the large space in front of the toilet – perfect for storing extra tp and towels.

washyourhands%5B1%5D.jpg (431×640)Bathroom Art » IS•LY | I Still Love you

And some great art work!

We already have Behr’s Sandstone Cliff in the rest of the basement so I figured I’d use it for consistency – and because it’s a great neutral.

Find a BEHR Premium Plus 8 Oz. Sandstone Cliff Interior/Exterior Paint Tester #
Sandstone Cliff – Behr

And I found this tile at the Floor and Decor Outlet for $1.09 sq ft.
Pompeii Coral Ceramic Tile Ceramic Tiles - $1.09 | Floor & Decor Outlets

My plan is then to custom build an open vanity using plans from Ana White like this one.
Spa-Slatted Double Vanity

All in all I’m hoping to do everything for $500 – (this doesn’t include the shower). I just want a nice place that I can “go” without having to go all the way upstairs.

What do you think? Can I do this all without any major catastrophes?


2 thoughts on “When you gotta "go"

  1. I love your plan! Those open vanities have me week in the knees. Can't wait to see it come together.(And I also totally want that leaning shelf in my bathroom, too. Ana has a plan for that, too.)

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