Jars and Numbers

Lately its all in the details for me. Especially jars and numbers

Remember my dresser re-do with numbers?

Well there are pillows to match. I snagged some sale fabric at Joanns, sew some simple slipcover pillow covers, but they needed a little something-something. So of course, they got numbered.

There’s one thing for sure – we’ll know if something goes missing in our home since everything is numbered! 
I also added this little detail to the bathroom remodel project. Courtesy of Liz Galvan.
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!
Now I have storage in my tiny bathroom!
These go nicely with the millions of other jars laying around my house


6 thoughts on “Jars and Numbers

  1. I really like this idea. I love jars and am trying to find some uses but this is just perfect! what is the name of the thingy you wrapped around the glass jar (and then attached to the wood)??

  2. Hi Molly – Thanks for stopping by. The rings can be found at a home improvement store in the ducting section. They are duct clamps – the little screw on the metal circle tightens and loosens when you turn it. Works great!

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