Dropcloth Draperies

Pretty sure I never shared my super secret drapery story with you all. So today I’m gonna let you in on a little secret.

When we moved into our house two years ago, the previous owners left the window coverings. Which was sweet, except that they weren’t quite our style. the were on the old metal rod with drapery hooks that moved back and forth with the pull of a cord. Very 1980’s. Thankfully they were a neutral color so they actually stayed up for a few months until we decided what to do.

You see…our front window is HUGE. Or at least, in terms of finding a decent and inexpensive privacy solution, the window is large.

It measures at just over 90 inches wide and takes up the entire wall of our living room. We originally priced out some blinds, but with the two side windows that open, we weren’t sure how to do the blinds – 3 panels? One long wall-to-wall blind set? It was sort of awkward – and pricey. I wanted privacy for the evenings, but the ability to easily allow airflow and sunlight during the day. 
This is what we were left with from the previous owners. Not bad, right? But they were thick, and old. And I hate the cord that you had to pull to get them to close. (PS – Notice that awesome iron screen door? Yeah, that’s been updated too.)

Here’s a better daylight picture of the curtains. not horrible, but not quite right either. But then neither is any of the decor in this room! Looking at these pictures is so funny – it’s interesting to see how things have evolved and changed in our decorating style in just a few years!
So somewhere along the line I stumbled across the idea to use the canvas drop cloths from the home improvement store as curtains. One Saturday, while the Mister was at work, I made my way to the store to pick some up. I think they were like $10 for a large size dropcloth. That’s way less expensive than what I would have spent at the fabric store for that amount of fabric. And the best part? They were already hemmed on all sides! 
I laid out the panels of dropcloth (I used two since our windows are so wide) and measured floor to awesome new curtain rod (aka – not white metal with drapery hooks). Then I hemmed from the top, creating a pocket at the top of the curtains. But instead of using the curtains as a pocket rod curtain, I decided to use rings. I had picked up some curtain rings from the fabric store and spray painted them the same color as my new curtain rod. I traced the cutout on my new “curtains” and cut them out, then inserted the new rings into the fabric. 
Dropcloths to Curtains!
And the part I especially love – is that they blend into our walls. 
Instead of sticking out like a sore thumb – like these did:

Now they blend and it’s calm and serene. 
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3 thoughts on “Dropcloth Draperies

  1. We have the same dilemma in our living room! A big wall of windows that I don't know how to cover (inexpensively). I've seen a lot of drop cloth curtains out in blogland and am thinking this might be a good possibility! Nice work!Stopping over from the Create and Share link party. 🙂

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