Party Decorations

Even though I still haven’t shared the most recent marathon experience with you all, I figured I should share the marathon celebration that happened last weekend.

This celebration was only the second time that we’ve had friends over to the house for a party – crazy right?! But having seen bright, fun party accessories all over pinterest, I knew I had to do something to add a little pizzaz to our back patio.

I scored some great fabric (with a coupon!) at Joann’s and made a great table runner and matching napkins for the main food/serving table. I love this bright striped fabric! Plus it goes perfectly with my tub, cups and pink lemonade!

PS – I made that table with plan’s from Ana White. You might remember it from this post. I LOVE this table. 

And since I only had enough of the flower fabric for 4 napkins, I used two of them as a table runner here. The napkins have the stripe on one side and floral fabric on the other. (Sorry for the dark pictures, it stormed 20 minutes before the party and rained for the first 15 minutes or so. Thankfully in Colorado the weather changes pretty quickly and the sun came out for the rest of the day!)

With the scraps leftover, I used some ribbon and sewed this fun banner with alternating fabrics in coordinating colors. I used this on the inside of the covered patio.

Some bright colored chinese lanterns and some balloons on the hammock and front of the house finished the party accessories. 
The table runner, napkins and banner were quick and easy sewing projects that anyone could do. And now I have a stash of summer party accessories that are reusable for many occasions. 
You might also notice that we had colorful swirly straws for the kids – and we recycled some wine bottles and had water available as well. 

A closer look at the napkins – and the floral fabric. 
All in all it was a great way to relax and celebrate the accomplishments of our team completing the marathon in Steamboat and San Diego. We even continued the celebration – and took full advantage of the decorations – when my brother and sister in law came over for dinner that night! 

2 thoughts on “Party Decorations

  1. Erin,I'm looking to host a post marathon party for my husband and family upon completion of his first marathon. I've been looking for decorations, games and food ideas for the party. I loved your decorations you had at your party and was wondering what was on your menu? Thanks for posting your celebration. I bet it was fun!

  2. Hi Connie – Tell your husband congratulations! What an accomplishment! I'm racking my brain trying to remember what we had for food – I think we did pita chips and two kinds of humus, I made rice krispy cupcakes (super cute – found them on pinterest), quinoa salad (also found on pinterest), and bacon and cream cheese wrapped chicken on the grill. If you email me at I'd be happy to send you the links to the recipes I used!

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