The Funny Thing about Toilet Paper

So we’ll start off today with a funny little story about what is happening in our house. 

Apparently I’m toilet training – well, sort of. You see, it seems that Mr. Seth doesn’t know how to change the toilet paper roll. And I swear that boy goes through more toilet paper than 4 people combined! So for quite a long time I’ve noticed that I’m the only one that changes out the empty roll. Which is fine, if I were the one to make the roll empty. But I’m not always that person. Sometimes I’ll go to the bathroom only to find that there IS NOT TP on the roll, but the roll is still connected to the wall thingy. How annoying! Thank goodness for my backup of kleenex, otherwise I would be a professional by now at air drying! 
So I’ve mentioned it to him a few times and I even made sure he knows how to use the TP holder and knows where we keep the extra tp in the hall closet. So on Monday when I noticed that the roll was empty again, i did nothing. That’s right – I didn’t change it out. Afterall, he’s an adult and he’s the one that emptied it, he should refill it. It’s not brain surgery, and it doesn’t take a lot of time or effort. (It’s not like I’m asking him to mow the lawn – which I do, or fold the laundry and put it away – which I do. Do you see a theme here?)
Wanna take bets on how long the bathroom sits empty without tp? We’re going on 2 days with no tp, and last night he finally grabbed a new roll, but instead of putting it on the holder, he left it on top of the clothes hamper. Doesn’t count. Seriously, is it that hard?! 
Thank goodness I have the master bathroom – so I use that one and have all the tp I need ON THE ROLL like a normal household!
Phew. Thanks for letting me vent. 

4 thoughts on “The Funny Thing about Toilet Paper

  1. Oh man, it's so nice to know that I'm not alone when it comes to living with a full grown man who is not potty trained. I like your training technique, though. Perhaps after reaching for some toilet paper and finding none he'll start thinking a little.KristenTurning a House into a Home

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