Fellow Coloradan, Emily over at Imperfect shared her home project list today. While I also keep a varying list of projects to do around the house – including things that may never get accomplished – I’ve also come up with a new “thrifting” list. A list of the things that I need to remember to keep an eye out for whenever I’m thrifting.

Pie Tins so I can make a PB knock-off tiered organizer found here at Mary Janes & Galoshes

Mason Jars so I can make these lovely outdoor lanterns found at Chez Beeper Bebe
Funky frames so I can make a jewelry organizer like the one on Cat on a Limb
An old chair that I can bring back to life to live in my kitchen. Yes, you heard me right – my kitchen. I need a place to sit and read while stuff is cooking, but I need to be close by to monitor. (yes, we have an old house with a non-open floor plan). I like what Michelle did with the yellow chevron at Decor and the Dog. 
Varying sized mirrors to make a mirror collage like on Style at Home.
Vintage desk lamps like these on etsy for the living room side tables.
A wire basket so I can make this for our basement near the fireplace – from B.E. Interiors.
That’s my thrifting list! Mostly so I can remember what I’m actually looking for when I go thrifting. Half the time I walk in and get so engrossed in all the treasures that I forget what I’m really looking for!
What’s on your list for thrifting?

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