Baby #6

It was a busy weekend – that’s why it took me so long to post something this week!

On Saturday, our Team (read more about my team here, here, here, here, and here) did the season’s longest run in preparation for upcoming half and full marathons. It was so great to see so many runner’s out there running farther than they’ve ever run before. But what was even better were seeing so many of our patient hero’s. From cancer survivors to family members and friends affected by cancer – we conquered 13 miles for the half marathoners and 21 miles for the marathoners.

And where was I? On a bike – biking the course up and down to cheer on our runners and provide supplies and encouragement. Why?

Because I brought home Baby #6 on Sunday! (Yes, I often compare marathoning to babies – even thought I have never experienced birth I can only imagine some similarities)

Birth and Marathon Similarities:

  • Several months of preparation (4 months for marathoners, 9 months for moms)
  • Strange eating habits and uncomfortableness prior to birth/race 
  • Labor – hours of contractions for both marathoners (legs) and moms (abdominals and other muscles)
  • The final push – yep, its pretty painful and hellish in the last four miles, similarly getting that shoulder out can be hellish
  • The joy and pride – once you see your little baby you almost forget the pain, almost
  • After some time, you may want to do it again

Colfax Marathon 2011 – Marathon #6

Labor the race started at 6am on Sunday in not so ideal weather conditions. With a low temperature of 39 degrees and lots of little raindrops falling from the cloudy gray sky, I embarked on a long labor of 26.2 miles.

Labor the race lasted for about 4 hours, in which time I covered 22 miles. Because this race was a “training run” I ran the first 22 miles (like my team the day before) and walked the remaining 4 miles.

And after all those miles and all that time, I got this little bundle of joy to bring home and introduce to her older brothers and sisters.

Isn’t she beautiful?

Here’s a recap of the family:

Nike Women’s Marathon – 2007
Nike Women’s Marathon – 2009
San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon – 2008

Colfax Marathon – 2011

Denver Marathon Relay – 2009

Denver Marathon – 2010

San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon – 2010

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