Project List

There’s been minimal progress in the way of projects this week – other than some laundry, mowing the lawn before the rain hit, and some quick house cleaning. The only other thing I got done was a quick coat of primer on my dresser the other night.

Being so busy with work and work (yeah, still doing the two job thing) and a few marathons right around the corner, means I don’t get much time for fun. To get myself a bit more organized so I can take advantage of my few spare moments, I’m creating a projects list. A list of all the things that I want to do/make/create. 
To do / make / create:
I think I need to start with this guy, so that I have space to actually make the rest of my fun projects. I like the look of this one – and the whitewash stain that she used on it. 

Or this one: 

Narrow Farmhouse Table
From Ana White

Once I have some space, I definitely have some sewing projects I want to tackle. 

From A Lemon Squeezy Home (Blogspot)
And some new pillows

From Lemon Tree Creations

And some rustic pillows for the man room – monogrammed of course

From Us and Them

Then I’ll focus on some craftier things like these felt flowers
From Jessa Jill
And then some lovely decorations for our backyard
From Without A Hitch

What’s on your project list? 
To find more of my fun wish lists – find me on pinterest. I adore pinterest!

2 thoughts on “Project List

  1. love the pleated pouch purse! I would love to make them as christmas gifts. Giving how long it takes for me to get around to doing projects, I should probably start soon 😉 And, I love the farmhouse table. I think it'll match the decor in your house. And .. are you staining the top of the dresser?

  2. You caught me – yes, I'm thinking of staining the top of the dresser and leaving the rest painted – maybe in a burlap color. I forgot to add the chaise lounge to my list! That one is definitely on the project list!

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