Yummy Weekend Breakfast

Weekends in our home are usually pretty laid back and unstructured. Especially when it comes to meals. Saturdays are especially challenging for us since I usually run with the Team at 7am for our group long run. When I’m done with my run Seth might be home, but he also might already be on his way to work.

I ran across this recipe lately for these fun back-and-take breakfast bites. And they are awesome!

Breakfast Bites

– pre-made packaged biscuits
– eggs
– bacon
– cheese
– salt and pepper

Preheat oven according to the directions on the biscuit package. Place one (or half) of a biscuit in the muffin tin. Beat 4-6 eggs. Pour eggs into each muffin tin, covering the biscuit. Add bacon pieces, cheese or other garnish according to taste. Bake biscuits until egg is cooked through.

These little breakfast biscuits pop out and are great grab-and-go options or are fabulous as part of a fun breakfast with fruit and orange juice.

I can make these up super quick after a run, and they bake while I’m in the shower. Then Seth and I can both enjoy a lovely breakfast before we begin our busy weekends!


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