Party On


We made it! We’re in Costa Rica and the weather is beautiful and the people are amazing. Maria’s family is FANTASTIC. And boy, can they party! I wish I could upload pictures, but I forgot to bring my cord for the computer. Her cousins all look identical and they can dance and party like nobody else I’ve seen! So much fun! We had a two live bands at the party last night which was held in Maria’s mom’s house and backyard. You HAVE to see the views from this house – AMAZING! And while we couldn’t always understand what was going on, or the songs, etc, it was an awesome experience. I’m so happy that my brother found someone like Maria, and that we can be here to experience this wedding weekend.
Here are some key things that come to mind after last nights EPIC party:
  • Gregorito (loved it when they all chanted this)
  • Two live bands – one Nicaraguan calipso-type band and a Mariachi band
  • Lots of kisses from Maria’s family and friends – everyone greets each other with a air-kiss on the right side
  • Maria’s crazy aunt dancing with the grill cover to the firepit
  • Fireworks
  • Beso, Beso, Beso
  • Amazing food
  • Cousins that look 14, but end up being 23 years old
  • Crazy driving on the way back to the hotel – thankful for Maria’s uncle (VP of Delmonte) for ushering us back through San Jose safely
  • and I just can’t get over the friendliness of everyone here – from the hotel staff to Maria’s family and neighbors
It’s truly a blessing to see Greg and Maria surrounded by so much love and support. This is what memories are made of.
And I feel like I can’t even do the events of the past 12 hours justice because we are still in the midst of all that is occurring. I need time to process everything so that I can write coherently about it all.
After the events of last night, I can forsee that we need to get as much rest as possible for tomorrow’s wedding and reception, and work on some dance moves!

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