Girls and Power Tools

If you haven’t already stumbled across Ana White’s blog, you should really check her out. She is AMAZING.
Last fall I made this:

Which looks like this now.

And I did it all. by. myself. (Mostly because Seth would have never let me use power tools alone! But what happens while he’s at work, well, that’s my little home remodeling secret!)
Then I found this website. And I fell in love.
I shared my love with my mom. And my super handy pops made this for my mom’s new deck.
Wood-Slat Double Lounger
(Photo courtesy of West Elm) This baby retails for $549 WITHOUT the cushions to make it comfy. Thankfully my dad made it for a fraction of the price. Now if only he could make one for me!
I’ve already made these
but I stained mine instead of painting them white. They still need to be hung. We’re currently in matrimonial negotiations on where they will reside.
What should my next project be?
Psst – just don’t tell Seth that I’m using power tools!

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