Furniture Rant

Is it just me or do people using Craigslist in Denver have extremely inflated asking prices? Maybe I’m just insanely frugal, but you should see what people think their crummy old VENEER furniture can get!

Check this out – as an example. Really?! Granted it probably is hard wood – not veneer – but really?!

Although, I should mention I found this gorgeous beauty for only $85.
No, I didn’t buy it, although how adorable would it be with some new modern fabric?!
And this is gorgeous, but $400 gorgeous?
Joi from Nuestra Vida Dulce always seems to find chic and fabulous finds on craigslist – for much more reasonable prices. Personally, I feel like the Denver craigslist market is inflated.
All I want is a simple desk that I can use as a sewing table, or an old console table to use in our entry way. I’m more than willing to refinish it – in fact I would prefer to! But there is nothing out there that fits the bill.

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