Gift List

I’ve officially started my Christmas gift list. Our family isn’t “big” on gift giving. S and usually do a gift to each other but its without too much ceremony. For example, a few years ago for Christmas he gave me my gift early while we were in the car on the way to dinner. He reached around to the backseat and handed me a Dillards bag and said “Merry Christmas.” It was the perfume that I had wanted. No ceremony. No wrapping paper. No gift sitting under the tree for weeks just waiting for me to unveil it. And since we haven’t spent a Christmas with family since – well, for a really long time (retail management jobs!), we don’t really do gifts for our family either. The only kids in the family are a niece and two nephews that we don’t get to see on Christmas.

But this year I don’t care if we don’t get to see people. By golly, we’re having Christmas!
And this week it starts with making my list.
However, now that I look at my list, I’m realizing that 1/2 of it is Christmas and the other is birthdays and bachelorette party and wedding stuff!
Here is what our December looks like:
  • Bachelorette party for family member
  • Two 30th Birthdays for best friends
  • SIL’s birthday
  • Poppa’s birthday
  • Brother’s wedding (in Costa Rica – yeah, be jealous!)
  • Christmas!
I have a feeling its gonna be an expensive month!

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