I heart steno pads

I used to be the Queen of Lists. I remember the days when my co-workers would stand in awe and amazement at my seemingly intricate system of organization and list-making. Something about a steno pad filled with bullets and crossed out printing is so tantilizing! It exudes order, motivation, determination and a sense of accomplishment. The fundamental tool for organization and effective leadership is….The List.

And The List needs to be re-employed in my life – as it’s absence is increasingly making itself known.
Most days I come to work not knowing exactly what needs attention or priority. And I have no certain way of tracking what does occur and what tasks do get accomplished. The same is true for my home life. It’s almost a miracle that the sheets get washed and changed every weekend without the use of The List. I often wonder how chaotic life would be if it weren’t so simple with just the two of us and the dogs. How would I ever handle additional responsibilities outside my current extreme comfort zone? I would most definitely need to attain the level of my former self and recapture the glory of The List.
Maybe my life would seem more purposeful if I had a list to track my daily accomplishments and steer me in a general direction of motivation, organization and goals. Yes, that is it. That is what I must do.
First thing on The List –
  1. Make a list

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