A big bum

Today is my girlfriend’s birthday. And I’m a big fat bum. I didn’t get her a gift this year. Bum. I didn’t even send her a card. Big Bum. Last year I got her an hour and a half massage. Awesome friend award – ding, ding ding! And I was home to go out to dinner with her and her husband and my substitute husband. We even convinced her parents to keep the kids overnight so we could party it up downtown to celebrate. Emmy nomination, puhleese?! This year, I’m in a different state sitting on the couch still in my workout clothes from this morning cuddling with one dog and the tupperware of chocolate chip cookies starring me in the face.

I feel like a bad friend.
Not just today, but in general. I feel like the older I get the harder it is to stay in touch with friends from my past. And the sad thing is ….I don’t even have KIDS that I can use as an excuse! Of all my friends I have a lot of time on my hands. Apparently, I just don’t know how to take advantage of it! Being in a different state than many of my good friends is tough. Not sharing in the same phase of life (read: kiddos) can be a little challenging.
I realize that the days of sorority living and seeing my H.S. friends every day including Saturday and Sundays is long gone. But I miss those days of “closeness” with girlfriends. Whereas we used to have endless conversations, now we are lucky if we can get in the quick 15 minute phone call every few months.
If I had unlimited financial means, I would swoop up the ladies and their families and take a multi-family vacation (with nannies!) to wine country! And we would relax, have fun and enjoy each other like we used to!

That would be an awesome birthday gift for all of us! If only…

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