Lately it seems like the recession is taking a toll on people – and not just in their pocketbooks. I’ve talked to several people who seem unhappy at their current jobs. Although we all have to sit and be very thankful that we are in fact employed, it seems that it’s not quite enough. With the down economy and fewer job opportunities out there, those that do have jobs feel stiffled. It’s as if we feel trapped in our jobs. Even if we wanted to look for something else – whether it’s because we have the two year itch or because we are genuinely not in a good place – there isn’t anything out there for us. So instead we suck it up and stick with what we have, all the while feeling like a caged animal.

I wonder if the economy weren’t so horrendous right now if some of us in this trapped mentality might not feel this way if we simply knew that we could go out and try on a different job if we felt like it. Is it just the fact that knowing that we can’t so easily move between jobs the thing that makes us feel stiffled?
Meanwhile, I do know of some people who felt so stuck in their jobs that they have just quit. No other job prospects – they just QUIT. Granted, it’s not a lot of people, but still! The mere idea of doing such a seemingly irresponsible thing makes me nauseous. I’m assuming that these individuals are financially prepared to survive for a time without a formal paycheck. Or at least I hope.
Anyway – so to mentally trick myself out of this self-induced cage called “work” I’ve come up with a short list of reasons why I like my current job.
Why I like my current job:
  • It’s flexible – I come in around 8:30am (err, or sometimes 9) and I leave at 4:30pm (err, or sometimes 4)
  • I live close to work which makes for a short and traffic-free commute, and I get to go home for lunch and to see the dogs
  • I’m mostly autonomous – aside from the sometimes lengthy “chats” my boss likes to have about news headlines, what Steve Jobs said to buy from Apple, Jewish holiday commitments, the history of DU and how he single handedly saved it from the last recession, the absurdity of bureaucracy and red tape otherwise known as basic management policies and deadlines, etc
  • I like my co-worker, if I didn’t I would probably have to quit since it’s just the two of us most of the time
  • We have AMAZING vacation policy – including a full week off (paid!) between Christmas and New Years, and summers on a college campus ROCK
  • I happen to like most of our students-they are great people
  • My day is my time – I rarely have meetings or commitments, so I can control how and when I work and spend my time
  • yup – its not too bad around here I guess

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