Decisions, Decisions

I’m having such a dilema about what to do with our living room. One of the issues is the placement of the TV. The TV works best functionally angled in the corner of the room – provides more relaxed lounging opportunities on the couch and also decreases the glare from the window light on the screen.
But…it makes that wall feel so big and empty.

Placing the TV in the center of the wall feels right in a symmetrical sort of way (of course, I would need to find bookshelves or something to flank the TV and hide the cords as well as matching tall lamps). But it feels awkward when trying to lounge and watch a movie, etc.

What do you think? What is the best option?
And this is the new light and the new table runner that I bought that carries the green from the living room into the dining area.

And the beige curtains hung over the sliding glass door. At first I wasn’t sure about the curtains, but I think they are growing on me. This isn’t a good picture of the curtains, but you can see that we still have that LARGE EMPTY wall behind the dining room table.

Still looking for ideas on how to deal with the big empty wall…
One thing that we’ve done that I LOVE is replacing the old brown doors with white 6-panel doors and fancy aged bronze handles and hinges!
Aren’t they just beautiful?!


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