Buyers Remorse?

We found out that we saved a bunch of money with Geico (ha – not really, but I just couldn’t help myself!) so we decided to take the plunge and spend some dough on a coffee table. Having a glass of water or whatever while sitting in the living room is difficult when you don’t have anywhere to set it. And Seth has been known to fall asleep while holding a glass of water – only to wake up with a wet shirt!
Here’s our new coffee table..

It seems a bit bigger in the space than we anticipated…

And a bit darker as well – almost black…

but unfortunately we cannot return it for “aesthetic” reasons per the receipt instructions…

So we’ll continue to look at it for a while. Maybe we are just so used to not having anything there that it seems big and because that whole corner is a dark brown color that it just seems dark. Hmmm, maybe some new green pillows would lighten and liven up that space….
But it still doesn’t answer the question – what to do with that darn corner?

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