The Sound of Redecorating…

These are a few of my favorite things…

I love this green – and the pattern! I was thinking about making decorative throw pillows or some wall art out of this print.

With some small green accessories strategically place through the living room and dining room area, such as this green vase with some bamboo wood or white orchids coming out of it.

But I love the texture on this pillow!

This chair from Target is SO COOL! and I think it would look fabulous in the corner of my living room. It would be that “conversation” piece. The piece that is just a little off that it’s cool and hip.
See below – it would go in the corner where there is currently a big, black hole of space – and a lamp.

Speaking of lighting issues…

I like this chandelier – but I’m wondering if it is just too modern for my style in reality…

Maybe this light fixture is just a good mix of modern and traditional that it may work in the dining room space.


One thought on “The Sound of Redecorating…

  1. Oh girl, I could give you a few ideas… now I'm pretty into the vintage, shabby chic, anthropologie thing, but there are ALWAYS cheap alternatives (as me in all of my grad student glory can attest to…)One recent thing that i've done that I'm really digging is this: I've started collecting old frames from garage sales, hobby lobby sales, etc.. and stripped them down or painted them. And then you can find some really great old fabric, paper, or wall paper and just frame the paper… I put a few frames together, some empty, some with pictures, some with paper or whatever and make it work. Great for covering big empty wall space. I don't even know if any of that made sense…

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