A Wannabe Design Star

I went home for lunch today and decided that I should start getting serious about decorating the house. So – I’m going to pretend to be a Design Star from HGTV or like John and Sherry from this little favorite blog of mine.

First of all, I want to show off a fun find that Seth bought for me on my birthday when we decided to do some impromptu garage sale-ing!

Isn’t it just the cutest, little, old lantern!?! I just love it! And for only a $1!
Ok – so here is my design dilema – or at least the first one that we are going to tackle. The Living Room!

This is the view as you walk in the front door. We have two big walls – and with the angle of the TV (which could be moved) we aren’t sure what to do with either wall. Plus the lamp in the corner is the only source of light at this point.

As you continue to walk into the house and turn, you can see that the 3rd wall is a large picture window with the cream colored curtains that the owners left behind.

This is the entry – and our short entry wall that we still don’t know quite what to do with either. We originally thought of a sofa table under the mirror, but now I’m thinking about a stylish and colorful bench and maybe some hooks on the wall.

And – if it matters – here’s a photo of our large and empty wall in the dining room just off the living room. This may be the next project….. Check out this super sweet gold chandelier. Don’t be jealous!
Try not to get jealous of my AWESOME appliances! They may be so old that they could be classified as antiques. In fact, my mom had the same exact oven, range and microwave-in-one unit as shown here!

Notice that it’s one unit – all attached! But hey, it works wonderfully! And the microwave is big enough to heat up a huge casserole dish.
If you look close you can also see that we still have carpet on the floor in the kitchen. It’s so gross – but we are trying to take things slow so as not to overspend. We’re trying to be wise with our money, so hopefully we will have tile in the next month. Until then, if you come to visit remember to wear your shoes in the kitchen. The floor’s a little nasty!

And this is the face that Kahler gave me as I left to go back to work. Don’t you just want to be lazy in the backyard with her? She’s too cute!

And yes, she is laying in the mulch border surrounding the attached covered patio. She’s so weird!

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