And the celebrations come to a slow close….

It’s Saturday night and we just got home from dinner and drinks with some friends. Now we sit on the patio, Seth with Kirby snoring in his lap while I listen to the sweet song of the neighborhood crickets and enjoy the soft amber glow of the candles. 

It was a good night – but a rough day. This old lady needed a late afternoon nap – to escape a slightly frustrating morning with Seth and to save some relationships with friends….but after a Wendy’s frosty and fries, and an hour nap I felt like a new person! Ready to socialize, be nice and make conversation! 
Now as everyone else is too drunk to function and I am awake and aware, I contemplate the day. Birthdays are like New Year’s Eve. A lot of hype, but really not much in the way of fireworks. A lot of anticipation, but the best are spent with little in the way of expectation. I’m thankful for my family – who I miss a lot, especially on days like today – and my close friends, most of whom are in Nebraska. I miss the days when we could be carefree and irresponsible – or at least unconcious of responsibility. I miss the days when I could go all day and most of the night, much like the energizer bunny! I sometimes wonder if I used up all my energy, spontaneity and good luck on my high school and early college days – leaving me lacking in my late twenties! 
oh, the art of getting old! Maybe I need to read up on how exactly to do that…

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