The Week of Erin

Welcome to the Week of Erin! Yes! An entire week celebrating ME! Why? Well, I may be a little narcissistic but really, it’s just my birthday week. And by “just” my birthday I mean the last year that I can claim to be in my 20’s. Yup, it’s the big 29 – which is almost more monumentous (which apparently is not even a word!) than the ever popular 30. And by birthday week I do mean a week long celebration. Everyone gets a day, I get that. But I feel the need to spread my celebration for the week – to wallow in its glory and fabulousness (another non-word). Everyone around me is just lucky that I limit it to a week and not prolong the celebration for the entire month! 
So this is what the Week of Erin looks like:
Monday: No work. Sleep in until 9:oo am. Hair appointment at 10 am for highlights and a new style. 
(Some minor tears later, I came to terms with my new shorter ‘do.) To console my hurt “yearning for long hair” ego, I hit up the mall for some fabulous finds at The Limited, DSW, and even Forever 21 – I can dream that I am still 21, right?
After giving my bank account a minor strain from all the activity, I relaxed on the couch for some self-indulgent Oprah (which, was extremely disappointing. Now I know why I work during the day!) and some puppy cuddle time until Seth got home. After our 7:50 pm softball game was canceled du
e to rain, Seth, Jen and I headed to Applebee’s for some spin dip and Sam 
Adams Oktoberfest. What a great day!
Tuesday: Sadly had to get up early for an 8 am doctor’s appointment, but I love seeing my nurses there so it was a g
ood start to the day. Had some entertaining phone conversation with some friends that I adore and set up plans for later in the week. Headed to the office where I was the Lone Ranger in our building (everyone’s out the final weeks before the start of a new semester) and surprisingly accomplished a lot of a to-do list that I didn’t even know existed! Called it quits around 2:30 pm, scavenged the grocery store for my favorites: Butterkase cheese, wine, steak, french
 bread, corn on the cob and a mixture of other veggies. I even picked up some new hair care products and hair brush to embrace my shorter more stylish coif – which I am guessing will take a bit more time in the mornings to look presentable. 
Checked on the puppies chilling on the new “outdoor ottoman” (a whole other post is needed to explain that one!), 
and relax before my 4pm massage appointment. Now, I sit on the patio with the other Dietrich girls waiting for Sethy to get home from Longmont. And then…grill time! 
More to come as I celebrate the Week of Erin! 

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