Needing a vacation to recover from our vacation

It doesn’t really make sense, I know. But I feel like I need a vacation to recover from our oddly stressful vacation. I think Seth and I learned an important lesson about vacationing together. We have VERY different vacation styles…and as we all know, differing expectations often leads to disaster. 

We weren’t too impressed with Seattle as a city. We stayed downtown in a great hotel – close to the baseball field and the Pike Place Market. However, we found the food options lacking, the weather was just ehh, and downtown nightlife was at a minimum.
 But, so that this entry isn’t all icky-sad-blah-blah, I will highlight some of the good things…
Our hotel was awesome – we stayed at a Kimpton Hotel, specifically the Alexis Hotel on 1st Ave in Seattle. We had a great King Sized bed and a large newly redecorated room. 

We were blocks away from the Pike Place Market – where it was really crowded everyday, but tons of fun and great people-watching opportunities! 

The fresh fish really made me wish that we could buy some and eat it th
ere – of course, the vendors offered shipping, but that kind of defeated the freshness factor for me.

The flowers were so brightly colored and fragrant! 

Of course, we had to stop across the street from the Market at the Original Starbucks – which was a morning ritual while there. 
I actually really enjoyed the city art – including the custom designed man-hole covers, gutters, and even these fun butt-rests! 

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