And today’s lesson, kids, is….

When you find a great house in a great neighborhood at a great price in Denver – JUMP! 

AAHHHHH!!!!! I am so beyond frustrated today…when really I should be excited to leave for vacation tomorrow (oh, yeah! and that silly little run that I have to do while on vacay!). 
We’ve been casually shopping for a place to plant some roots in Denver – and let me tell you, it’s about gosh darn time again. I miss our old house – even though it was in the southeastern boonies of Denver. But I miss a yard, I miss storage space, I even miss the property taxes! So in the last month and a half we have put in 2 offers – one was a back-up to a primary offer, and the other we ended up in a bidding war that we lost. We’ve had our eye on 2 other properties and those sold this week. 
I found this great house about a week ago and called our realtor, who was super swamped and couldn’t work us in for a showing until yesterday. After seeing the house (without Seth) I knew we needed to move fast. The house was everything we wanted – including easy access to I-25, HUGE yard for the girls and wood floors. I told our realtor (who is great!) to prepare the contract. We would set up a time to have Seth look at the property and then sign the contract for an offer. 
And then she called early this morning and said that there were already multiple offers on the table and would probably be under contract before Seth could even see it in person. 
I was devastated. This process has taken a lot out of me emotionally. It has inspired Seth and I to work together as partners in our future – deciding how we wanted our future to look and where we would start our family. And now I am just READY to have a home and a yard for my babies to play in. 
And I just feel like every house that we like and is in our price range flies off the market within 10 days or less! 
So – in the real estate terms the lesson is – when you find a deal, don’t hesitate! And for a life lesson – I suppose God is teaching me patience, reliance on Him. And let me tell ya, I’m having a tough time with that. 

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