Call me when it’s summer

Until then, I am hibernating. 

So much for summer – so far we have had one of the coldest, wettest, craziest, springs I have ever experienced in my 6 years in Denver. I had no idea until this spring that Colorado even had a tornado warning system. But we’ve had tornado warnings almost every day for the last week! Can you believe it? And I thought I left that all behind in Nebraska. 
And it’s not like the tornado weather in Nebraska. Here it’s been chilly every day and the days feel more like Seattle grey and wet days than the typical desert Colorado sunshine. 
I’m over it! I’m ready for the sun to return – and the warm temperatures to allow me to wear sundresses, sandals and expose my shoulders! I’m ready for my energy levels to return to normal, because right now I feel as if my body is desperately trying to tell me to crawl back onto the couch for another few months of winter inactivity! Hopefully my energy levels will return when the sun does – and hopefully that will be soon!

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