Impromptu Surprise

Seth rarely gets weekends off – but somehow he scored two days off in a row on a weekend. So

 at the last minute we decided to make a trip back to Lincoln to see his family and my friends (since my parents don’t live there anymore…..) for Mother’s Day weekend. 

Seth thought it would be “fun” to not tell his mom until we were an hour outside of Lincoln. Thankfully, I convinced him to call his sister a few days in advance so that at least SOMEONE knew we were coming. She planned a dinner with all the kids so that we could see the nephews and niece, too. 

The kids loved seeing Kirby and Kahler. The boys ran around the backyard “racing” the dogs up and down the hill and all around the yard. After dinner the kids were desperate to take the girls (Kirby and Kahler) for a walk. So we took each dog out for a walk separately. Slade and Naveah got to walk Kirby, and Malachi got to walk Kahler. 

While we were on our little walks, the kids kept talking about how much they wanted a dog. I asked them who would walk the dog if they had one. Slade was so excited he grabbed my arm an
d looked me sincerely in the eyes, “We all would walk the dog. EVERY morning before school and EVERY night when we got home. I PROMISE!” It was precious.
We spent a lot of time with Seth’s dad, too. In our brief two day trip, we managed to get in two rounds of 18 holes of golf. The first day was great – we played a short executive course in Wilderness Ridge. The second day I think I was just too tired – Seth too! We played at Pioneers and it was just not a good golf day – but honestly, I can’t remember a time where we have had so much fun! We laughed so hard – at and with Eldon (Seth’s dad) – and at ourselves. We were pretty hilarious that day!


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