Feelings…Nothing more than feelings…

Today I felt:

Super, duper unmotivated to do any work at all

Excited to talk to Abbey and Sarah all in one day – and to know that I am going to see them in a few days! 

Reminiscent as I searched through old boxes in our garage and found some silly pictures and letters from high school 
Triumphant that I found the “lost” baseball gloves that Seth thought for sure had disappeared (thus why I was riffling through boxes in the garage)

Oddly peaceful as I drove towards our home that leads directly to the foothills of South Boulder – the view of the sun setting over the tops of the mountains was breathtaking!

Loved when I was met at the door by my two adorable little girls – one striped and one spotty

Frustrated at the absurdity of “some people” (ahem, the ones that get paid the BIG BUCKS) in my office and their time management skills – um, didn’t I just say that I was super unmotivated. Hmmm, pot calling the kettle black? Maybe. 

Perplexed that its apparently so hard for two people to communicate about simple things such as their plans for the weekend. 

A little bit sad that although I am going “home” this weekend that I won’t get to see my mom or dad. Doesn’t quite feel like home without them there anymore. 

Rushed that it is almost 8 o’clock and I have to whip up dinner before Seth walks in the door any minute! Oops – I’m sensing a time management issue here…..

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