Super Troopers Softball

I may be a 3 time marathoner, but I have muscles that are screaming at me today! 

Not from my 20 mile run on Saturday. Oh, no. I felt perfectly fine after indulging in my decadent ice bath on Saturday 
after a grueling and mentally frustrating 20 mile run in the Boulder Valley foothills in the 45 degree misty rain. No, that was a piece of cake to what I am feeling today. Today I can barely walk down the stairs and my hair is unusually unwashed and styled for the lack of shoulder and arm muscles to raise my arms to wash or dry it. Why? One word….
Pathetic, right? This is our fourth year playing softball here in Denver – basically since the first year that Seth and I lived together we have played with the same team. Well, this year we got “bumped” out of our typical league in Greenwood Village because our team basically rocks! So we are playing a 
different league and some of our teammates have changed. Last night was the first game of the season – and to be honest, I don’t think we were really ready…but, oh well! 
Of course, being the worst girl on our team I got put at catcher as always. I claim the position as if it is a true honor! And to be perfectly honest, I think I got the most action last night! I mean, I get the ball every pitch! Not to mention I got a guy out at home and almost, yes – almost, got a pop foul ball. Maybe next time…
So, while running 20 miles apparently has no detrimental effect on my muscles a mere 75 minute softball game wrecks havoc on my shoulders, arms, neck (weird, I know), and even my abs! Seriously, what’s wrong with me?
In other news…
Things that made me laugh at loud today
– Kahler as she ran/farted to the window to bark at something. Funny how at 28 I can laugh because my dog farts. 
– Reading Courtney’s blog entry about her mom and pot. Yeah, you read that right! You have to check it out…..
– The almost scary reflection that met me in the mirror this morning – wow, how does my hair do that?
– Listening to Kirby snoring right now under the kitchen table – she’s so darn cute! 

One thought on “Super Troopers Softball

  1. Um, LOVE the new layout. I have you in my google reader so I very rarely actually see the pretty colors of your blog. But I’m definitely loving it.Also, thanks for the shout out. Glad you got a laugh out of my little story. I have to say that every time I read about you and your running 29,345 miles, I feel like I need to go do like, I don’t know, 15 crunches or something… You, my friend, are a stud…

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