On the fourth "date" of Christmas….

And the 12 Dates of Christmas continue….

I think we are at Date 4 – which would be 4 calling birds according to the song. Thank goodness we didn’t get calling birds – I’m not much of a bird fan. 
Date 4: We spent the weekend in the mountains! Like Courtney said, what better excuse do we need to go snowboarding – especially when the mountains got up to 2 feet of snow in one week! Talk about fresh powder! Woot-woot!
Date 5: A trip to my favorite part of Vail – this one is a secret – only for Seth and I to know. But it was GREAT! I don’t know why we took a picture in front of the Vail Kids sign – but we sure thought it was funny!
Date 6: We splurged and went out to dinner at Outback – Seth of course had a HUGE dinner while I just had a nice steak and baked potatoe. Yum!
Date 7: Movie Night on the cough – we watched the Dark Knight, the new Batman movie. Or I watched the movie, and Seth watched the last 1/2 as he fell asleep on the couch for the first 1/2! If anyone knows his dad, I think this is a fair indication of things to come – falling asleep in any situation! 
As I just realized that Christmas is only a week away, we will be doing some “Christmasy” dates in the next week. We have a double date planned with some good friends that should be lots of fun!  

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