Seth and I took an impromptu trip to New York City last week to see Yankee Stadium before it was torn down. We ended up having a “baseball vacation” as we went to 2 Yankees v. Twins games and 1 Mets v. Phillies game at Shea Stadium. 

We were very lucky and had great seats at all the games!

We ate lots of hot dogs and beer!

We stayed in a GREAT hotel just 2 blocks from Central Park, 2 blocks from Rockefeller Center and 5 blocks from Times Square. (Seth wanted to do A LOT of shopping in Times Square!)

And we had quite the adventure getting back to Denver! Don’t think we will ever fly stand-by again – but it definitely made the trip memorable.
Next time we are in NYC, we will have to do a lot more sightseeing
-Empire State Building
-Statue of Liberty
-Stanten Island Ferry
-World Trade Center and the Financial District
-Tour the neighborhoods of Chelsea, Greenwich Village, China Town, etc
-and maybe even eat in some “new york” restaurants!


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