To the best group of girlfriends that I could ask for! Thank you to all you fine females for loving, supporting and encouraging me – I don’t know what I would do without all of you!

Erika – for being so new to the group and yet you feel like a long lost sister. Thanks for helping me process things in a healthy and mature way. A little wine and some girl talk is always better than throwing my cell phone against the wall any day – especially when it means I get to hang out with you!

Kate – my identical twin personality! I see so much of myself in you – which is really scary! But I love and appreciate your energetic, compassionate and sincere enthusiasm for life – plus, shopping with you is always a great distraction from the things that I should really be doing – like laundry, packing, etc. 

Joely – you surprise me with your friendship everyday. I knew that we were true friends when you high fived a certain posterior area of my body! Thanks for your breathe of fresh air in the form of hilarious text messages that make me smile – and provide a dose of reality to my day. 

You girls are the best! I just hope that I can return the favor of your amazing friendship!

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