Fence, Drywall, and Windows

We had a busy weekend! We got a call from the window company asking if it would be okay if they installed the new windows on Saturday and Sunday. Would it be okay? It would be glorious! So while the windows were being installed, we started work on the fence. Seth spent Friday removing some … Continue reading

My husband is amazing!

He said it wouldn’t take long, but I knew better. Projects always take longer than you think they will. But in the end, I stood in awe and amazement of how awesome my husband is! I know I shouldn’t be surprised at his capabilities at this point, but he is amazing! Seth put up two … Continue reading

We Have Wood!

Our wood for the floors got delivered the other day! Yeah! Now we just need to let them sit for a few weeks (read: 4 weeks!) to let them acclimate. Supposedly this will ensure that the boards don’t pop or shrink after installation. We figured if we were investing this amount of money into wood … Continue reading

Photo Gallery

We don’t have many – and they are definitely not good quality – but here are all the pictures we have of the house/demo process so far. I’ll continue to add photos to the stream each month as we make visible progress. Enjoy!    

The First Month

We have officially owned the Steele St house for one month! Which means, it’s time to recap what we’ve done so far. And while it may feel like this project is taking forever, I think I’ll be quite amazed after listing out all that we’ve done! Week 1 – read more here Tore out kitchen … Continue reading

The Demo of Steele St. – and some progress

Sometimes I feel like the demolition will never end. Each day there is something new to tear out. And while walls come down quickly and often easily, there are tasks that seem so incredibly tedious! For example, the floors in the kitchen. The pergo floors came up super fast. The carpet underneath wasn’t too hard … Continue reading

From Closing to Demo: Day 1

We had the closing on the Steele St house in the morning. It was also our 8 year wedding anniversary!  This is us here with our amazing realtor, Gwen Jasper. We seriously couldn’t have gotten through the buying/selling process without her and her amazing expertise and negotiating skills. AND – she drove two days from … Continue reading

New Adventures

We are on to new adventures in the Dietrich household! Several new adventures in fact. The first being – we sold the Newport house and bought a new (to us) house! Apparently we were bored with a house that was completely renovated and updated and the market in Denver is beyond HOT so we put … Continue reading

Book of Lists – list 2

So, I sorta fell off the wagon with a few projects over the last few months. To say it’s been busy over here would be a slight understatement. To save my sanity, something had to give and it’s always these smaller projects. But the good news is that there is a light at the end … Continue reading

Freedom from Money – Checkin #2

As we wrap up week two of our Freedom from Money challenge, I have a confession to make. I spent $9.17 yesterday. For my valentine. Because he’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. And he loves beer. So I bought him some fancy shmancy Colorado microbrewed IPA. Because this is where it … Continue reading